Q: What is your return policy?
A: We have a 30-day “we promise you’re going to love it” guarantee. If you don’t, we will give you a refund for the cost of the bag itself.  We also have an one year manufacturing guarantee. If a button pops off or a zipper breaks, we will fix it, even if it’s a year from now! For more information on this, visit our Customer Policies page here on the site.

Q: When will my pre-order arrive?
Each product description on the website says when that particular style is scheduled to arrive.  With so many factors not in our control such as shipping delays or customs holds, we can't guarantee a specific date so please understand that these are estimates only.  If you have a time frame in which you absolutely need it prior to when it's scheduled to arrive, we suggest avoiding placing a pre-order and choosing from styles that are currently in stock. More information available in our Customer Policies. 

Q: Are the Sash bags adjustable?

A: Yes, they are fully adjustable to fit all shapes and sizes.  In rare cases we have to add an additional strap to elongate it, but we haven't found anyone we couldn't make it work for :)  It adjusts typically from 25-34 inches in length from shoulder to top of the waist diagonally.  Extra straps are based upon availability as we do not carry them for every style.  To inquire as to whether we have extensions for your style or to order one, please email info@thesashbag.com . It is $25 for leather straps, and $21 for cloth and that includes the cost of shipping.

Q. When will I receive my pre-order if I place one?

A.  Each product description on the website states when each style is expected to arrive.  Once a style is in stock, it typically takes about 5 days to ship from the fulfillment center.

Q: Are there any financing options offered?

A: We are excited to now offer Partial.ly as a payment option for orders. This will allow customers to pay for a purchase over four equal installments, due every two weeks.  Partial.ly is separate company from Sash, if you would like additional information or need assistance accessing your  Partial.ly account here is a link to their help center: https://support.partial.ly/tag/customer/

Q: Why is there no pocket in the middle? Isn’t that wasted space?
A: That was actually a very specific and intentional design strategy to make sure the product lies flat against the hip. The goal is to remove bulk by stacking everything up the front and back of the bag, leaving the middle flat.

Q: Is this good for travel?
A: Yes, yes, and YES! It’s amazing for travel. It fits a passport inside ANY of the pockets. Another point is that you don’t have to take it off. You can wear it on the plane, in a cab, on a bike, in a restaurant, when you use a restroom. There’s no risk in losing it or having it stolen when it’s on the body. Plus, it’s slimming enough to fit under a coat, sweater, or wrap to keep it hidden.

Q: Do the bags have RFID protection?
A: Yes! We have included RFID protection in the lining of the bag so your information is safe from thieves!  The protection is located on the card slots and we recommend using a RFID sleeve for passports.

Q: Does it have slash-proof lining?
A: No. We looked into doing that and determined that the cost wasn’t worth the risk since nobody has ever had an issue with safety when wearing their Sash. The reason is because it’s something you wear, not something you carry. It’s not even immediately obvious that it’s a purse since it’s wrapping so securely to the body.

Q: Will it fit a water bottle?
A: It will fit a small one in the inside or outside pocket, but not with other things in the
pockets. If you want a water bottle on one side, move everything else to the other side of the bag to offset.

Q: Where else do you sell the bag?
A: The bulk of our business is right here on our website. We also have a store in San Diego, California. You can see us there at 3753 6th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103.

Q: Can men wear the product?
A: Absolutely! We have many men who have purchased, and love their Sash bag!

Q: Are you ever going to make one for men?
A: We currently are selling a style called Stash that has sharper look to it and was originally geared towards men, but is certainly unisex. Check it out! 

Q.  I am an international customer. What can I expect?

A.  Sash Group Inc. is based out of San Diego, California, and all of our products ship from our home base here in the United States (unless ordering from sashbag.ca in Canada, which will fulfill from within the country and not be considered an import). When you order the bag from another country, you will incur shipping charges that may be higher than what you are used to, based on how far the product has to travel.  When ordering domestically, purchases are subject to taxes. When ordering internationally and importing goods, they are subject to customs/duties. These are determined by the region where you live and vary based upon the specific government in that area, so it is not a charge that we impose nor profit from. It’s also not possible for us to know ahead of time exactly how much it will be. We do not charge taxes on our international orders however from the US, so you are not being double taxed. At checkout, we often offer options for either USPS shipping via your local carriers or a courier service such as DHL. The courier services tend to be a little more expensive but they do arrive quicker in choosing this option and often provide better tracking capabilities. 

Q. What safety features does the Sash provide against pickpockets?

A. Sash is unique due to the fact that it’s worn so close to the body. It’s actually quite difficult to get away with crimes of that nature given that most would notice someone trying to get into their zippered pockets right next to them. In addition, the Sash can easily be worn under a jacket or a wrap, going undetected entirely. In all the years we have been in business, we haven’t heard a single report of pickpockets getting into the Sash. We have, however, received this testimonial from one of our lovely customers who thwarted their plans:

“When I first saw your video on the Sash Bag, I was excited because that is exactly how I felt about traditional bags and I so appreciated the ingenuity that went into the development of your bag. I preordered the black/brown bag in the summer with expected delivery the end of August, beginning of September. I think it arrived the end of August (not sure, don't care!) and I love it as much as I expected! But I want to share my experience in Rome, Italy.

My husband doesn't love traveling in foreign cities but agreed to spend 3 days in Rome before our cruise back to the States which originated in Rome. We all know Rome's reputation for pickpockets. Well, they sure lived up to it! Our very first day there three young women corralled us into this tiny elevator in the ruse of helping us get up to street level from the underground Metro. As we ascended one level I could feel the very subtle movement of tiny fingers trying to get into my Sash. I immediately squeezed. My elbow closer to me and was able to slide the bag even more forward on my body as I turned around and looked at the offender. I did not say anything as it was so subtle I wasn't sure at first what was happening. Unsuccessful, the gals got off at the next floor. My husband and I compared notes and he'd felt fingers trying to get into the zippered pocket of his pants, too. They got nothing from us but it made me more confident than ever that I'd chosen the perfect way to carry my valuables. Other than being accosted physically, no one is going to get my belongings from that bag! I just love being hands free (which also affords me greater ability to defend myself) and everything about my Sash! Kudos to you! So glad to hear it has taken off like wildfire! Best of luck!” –Beverly D.

Q. Where does your leather come from?

A. We use skins that are a byproduct of the meat industry in India, where our bags are manufactured. They are lambskin, as that is the preferred cuisine in their country. The skins would otherwise go to waste, however the tannery we work with actually went to the meat packers and taught them a new way to do it so that the skins could be repurposed instead of simply discarded. The skins are a byproduct, and we are quite proud of our manufacturing and the integrity of our vendors and our customers.

Q. Will you make a Sash with vegan leather?

A. Our vegan leather is finally here! We have 8 beautiful color to choose from so go put your preorders in now! Currently they are of limited quantity so get yours now before they sell out. 

Q. Do you make these for concealed carry for hand guns?

A. They are not designed for this purpose, although we know of customers who use it as such. Due to legal liability reasons, this feature will not likely be added in the future. What you put in your Sash bag is entirely up to you, but as it’s not made for such items, we do not recommend it as a gun holster.

Q. Where are Sash bags made?

A. Our Sash bags are made in Chennai, India. In trying to create a product that is very difficult to sew, but intended for multiple price points, we figured out the hard way why 90% of handbags are manufactured in China! However, we also knew that we wanted something more special than just shipping our patterns off to China. If this meant traveling the world to find the best way to produce Sash Bags, then that's exactly what we were going to do!

It wasn't just the price that concerned us. While we promote Sash Bags as a way for their wearers to treat themselves a little better, we also want to make sure that the people who make them are being treated just as well. In our search to find the best option to manufacture Sash Bags, we made fair trade and labor practices the top priority. We met with factories in Mexico, Korea, Indonesia, and finally ended up aligning with an amazing factory in India (the same factory that happens to make leather goods for Nordstrom and Nasty Gal). Their quality and reputation are impeccable and Chennai has become our second home.

Q. I have a large chest. Will it cut through the middle?

A. This is actually one of the best parts about wearing a Sash for those who are well endowed! Because of the way the weight is evenly distributed, the Sash won’t cut through the middle uncomfortably like a typical cross body bag. We have received plenty of feedback from women who adore it specifically for that reason.

Q. How do I care for my bag?

A.  We recommend that you treat your Sash with a product that will protect it from stains and moisture if your lifestyle or climate calls for it.  Your local shoe & leather repair shop can offer their preferred suggestions and will typically carry those products for sale.  Amazon on-line is also a good resource.  It is not a requirement that you treat your bag, but we recommend it as normal wear and tear is not something that is covered under warranty, and our customers wanted to know the best way to care for their Sash and keep it in the best condition possible.  Different people have varying levels of usage and there are many different climates and environments--so it's hard to say whether it's necessary for each person's specific way they are using their Sash as to whether pre-treating is absolutely necessary.  But as with any product that you want to keep as nice as possible, there are proper ways to care for it, which is why we have provided the suggestions below: 


The following are products that we currently use and recommend:

Lexol Liquid Conditioner  It is the “gold” standard for conditioning leather to keep it supple and soft.  It can be used alone or mixed with the cream shoe polish for color touch ups.

Angelus Water & Stain Repellant-- Good for both leather and cloth!  




To help prevent stains, there are many options on the market that work well, and it's up to you if you choose to use them to help prevent stains on your Sash. Again, it's not a requirement but occasionally treating with a fabric protector/ stain repellant will help insure your bag stays in its best condition possible.  Do not machine wash.  We recommend dry cleaning only as the best option to maintain the shape and integrity of your Sash.  Spot clean, without rubbing, with a mild liquid soap.

Strip Stitched - Care and Cleaning

Enjoy this new style! Your Sash is constructed of a lightweight fabric that is woven with a white thread that gives it it’s lovely soft color.  Natural frays along the edges will show both color threads and this is intended to give you a casual, shabby chic vibe perfect for Spring and Summer.

Should you wish to discourage the fraying we recommend a product used in the fabric industry for this circumstance.  It is “No Fray Spray” by Sprayway item # SW-821 available from Amazon.  Spray your bag front, bag and on the sides and edges.…Let dry and then strut your stuff!

Q: What are the weight differences in the bags?

A: Cloth- 12.2 ounces

Ikat- 11.4 ounces

Leather-  10.7 ounces

Fringe-  10.6 ounces


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