Production Updates

Hello Sash Fam! Here are you latest production updates!

Production has been ongoing in combination with all of our other POs that we've submitted for our other backorder customers and for our website. We did this to bundle and maximize the leather production and materials production for things like lining, zippers, snaps, etc.

Once all the material was created, Muralidharan split up his workers into three groups. One group working on Kickstarter bags, one group working on the classic POs, and one group working on the specialty POs (patchwork, strip stitch leather). Here's the latest info on estimated shipping dates:

  • The shipment on its way to us now contains Honey leather styles, Onyx leather, along with the Black strip stitch and black patchwork.

  • The next shipment the second to third week of February includes KS 2.5 Black Leather options, Saddle Patchwork., Sage patchwork, KS 2.5 Grey Noir and Shimmer Skies, as well as Black Corset and Classic Plus, and Ivory and Boysenberry Patchwork

  • Stay tuned for updates on shipments later in February and March!

As always, if you need anything or have additional questions, please reach out to us at