Return Policy:

We do have a 30 day “try it and love it” guarantee.  This is for customers to have the chance to try out the Sash and determine whether or not it’s going to work for them.  If you decide that you do not prefer it, you are welcome to return it for a full refund of the Sash itself.  The shipping costs (to be delivered to, or to ship back) are not refunded.  The 30 days begin on the day it shows the purchase was delivered. Late refund requests will not be accepted, regardless of personal circumstances. Please be advised that the 30 day policy is meant to give you a chance to actually wear the bag and test it out, not to wear for 30 days of heavy use and then send back.  In order to receive a full refund for the bag, it needs to arrive back to us in "like new" or "gently used" condition.  If the bag is determined to be used to a level that we can't resell it, only a partial refund will be processed depending on the level of usage and/or damage.  To process a return, please contact

Please note that we do not process the exchange or refund until the bag has been received back at our office and it can take up to 14 days before processing.  Sash Group, Inc. is not responsible for any item left inside the bag when returned so please insure that you have removed all valuables before shipping back.  If you have spoken to us about upgrading for your exchange, we will reach out and email more information to help process the upgrade order once the return has been received. 

Customs/duties paid on international orders are non-refundable as they are not a charge imposed by us, nor something we have profited off of in any way. They are in place from the regional government where you live, and are not the responsibility of Sash to refund.  If we have to send out a replacement Sash due to a defect on our end, we will send it with duties paid from our end in advance so you will not be charged twice.

***If a free shipping code or promotion was used when purchasing, the refund amount will be for the bag itself less the amount it cost for us to ship it to you.  

Warranty Information:

The Sash has a year warranty against defects in which we will replace your bag either with the same style or comparable should anything happen to it that falls under manufacturing.  These types of defects include broken zippers, loose stitching, defective snaps/straps or sewing design defects.  It does not cover issues such as slight imperfections in the distressed leather, fringe getting ripped off, excessive usage, attracting lint, scratches/soiling/marks due to normal use, water damage, fading due to sun exposure, or damage due to improper care.  We highly recommend that the care instructions we provide be followed to safeguard against the elements.

When the return is due to a manufacturing defect—we will refund the return shipping up to $15 in Canada when provided with the receipt.  The receipt must be emailed--do not send in with the bag.

If your bag requires replacement, the warranty does not renew for a full year upon delivery of the new replacement.  The warranty is only valid for one year from the original delivery date for the original bag.  


If your purchase was through, it is up to them as a separate company that offered the credit line to determine the amount for your refund based upon payments already made.  We are unable to refund directly.  For more information, see their website and

VIP and Clearance Sale Bags:

All Sash bags sold during live sales, our VIP Facebook group, or as clearance are FINAL SALE ONLY.  The 30 day guarantee and one year manufacturing warranty against defects do NOT apply.  For more info on the and CommentSold purchases, please see here.  Warranties are also non-transferable.  Should you purchase a Sash via another vendor or other private customer at your own discretion, the warranty is void.  Sash Group, Inc. is not responsible for the warranty/shipping/payment on any bag that has been purchased through anyone other than us directly.


If at any time you need to cancel before the Sash has been sent, you can do so for a full refund.  We can only refund to the card on file used to make the purchase.  If for some reason this method is no longer available, we can send a check. Once we have refunded from our end, it usually takes 2-3 days before it credits back to your card.  This depends on your banking institution’s policies and we have no control over having them processed faster.  Please allow sufficient time for it to credit back, and contact your credit/banking institution if you have any further concerns. 


Shipping rates are calculated based upon your specific address as the last step before check out.  It varies by region and Canada Post’s rates. We ship to the address provided by the customer, exactly as it is typed in.  It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure this is entered correctly. Our system will send out an order update with tracking information when it is on its way (make sure we are added to your list of contacts so it does not re-route to the spam folder to receive these).  Sash Group, Inc. is not responsible for lost, stolen or delayed packages for any reason.  If your package was not delivered as expected or as recorded in the tracking, wait 24 hrs, then reach out to us.  We do insure the package contents and if an insurance claim needs to be filed, our fulfillment center will process the inquiry and Canada Post will likely contact you for more information.  We highly recommend that you double-check your address upon placing your order as Canada Post will not honor a claim on a package that was delivered to an address provided that is incorrect and we will not dispatch a new bag for a claim that is not accepted due to customer error.  A replacement will not be sent until the claim has been accepted. 


Shipping of Multiples:

When placing an order for multiple Sash bags, we will not send until the order can be completed in its entirety.  This is because shipping has only been paid for once.  If you would like an in stock item to send before a pre-order on the same order, we recommend placing the orders separately so they ship as soon as available.  If your order has already been placed and you need help so one that is in stock ships sooner, we can help with that.  Simply reach out to us at . The customer will be responsible for the additional shipping charges to split the order and send separately and we can send you an electronic invoice to cover the charges. 


Due to high demand from customers, we sometimes allow pre-orders of certain styles that we know are coming soon.  Several of our customers have asked for the ability to pre-purchase so they know they will receive the style of their choice when they do arrive.  Your card is charged at the time the pre-order is placed as that is what guarantees your Sash above other paying customers.  Paying for expedited shipping will not make your pre-order come to you faster—it only speeds up the shipping for once we receive and ship it.  Should you need something sooner than the estimated arrival date for your pre-order, there are always in stock options and we recommend choosing from those styles. 

Arrival Estimates:

Each product description states whether it is in stock, or if it’s a pre-order expected at a later date. Please note that unless otherwise stated on the website, delivery estimates are just that.  They are not guaranteed delivery times and should not be relied upon as such.  We can only provide ballpark estimates as to when it will arrive as there are many factors we are not in control of such as shipping delays, customs holds, etc.  If there is ever a major delay, we will inform of this. 

The website itself should not be used as a tool to determine when your specific order will arrive.  They are shipping estimates for new orders placed, not the orders currently in the system already. 

When in stock, we ship within 5 business days and by the shipping method chosen at check out. Please allow additional processing time for orders placed  with as the payment method. 

 For orders placed on, please allow an additional 7-10 days for processing.  As the orders placed there are so heavily discounted, they do not have the same turnaround time or priority status as orders placed through our regular website.